Terse Predictions: 2013 World Series, Game 1 – St. Louis Cardinals @ Boston Red Sox

Highly specific forecasts for the opening game of the 2013 World Series tonight at Fenway Park.

1. The Cardinals will take a lead against the Red Sox in a World Series game for the first time in 46 years.

2. Adam Wainwright will record six more outs in the game than Jon Lester.

3. Total runs scored in the game will be somewhere between five and eight runs. Overall, only two earned runs will be charged to the starting pitchers.

4. Mike Napoli will strike out thrice, but also add an extra-base hit of some sort.

5. Dustin Pedroia will hit a double off the left-field wall on the first pitch he sees during one of his at-bats against Wainwright.

6. The Red Sox will issue two intentional walks – one to Carlos Beltran and one to Allen Craig.

7. Only one player will record multiple base hits in the game.

8. Xander Bogaerts’ Total Pitches Seen: 17

9. Koji Uehara’s Total Pitches Thrown: 17

10. MLB “Special Consultant” Tony LaRussa’s blood-alcohol content by game-end: .17

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