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Happy One-Week Anniversary of Mega-Trade 2012, Red Sox Fans!

This Labor Day weekend marks the unofficial end of summer 2012. Cruelly, the Red Sox will still be playing baseball games until October 3. But thanks to Ben Cherington’s masterfully orchestrated trade last week, hope has been restored for 2013. Until that time…Sox fans like this guy in Boston Common Friday morning will just be chilling, remembering that old adage about what happens when you dare to dream big…

Photo Gallery: Bruce Springsteen at Fenway Park

Because sometimes Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band manage to set up shop in center field and play a couple of three-and-a-half-hour shows. And for a brief moment, any Red Sox fan lucky enough to attend one of the shows is reminded that things maybe aren’t all that bad.

Somehow a diamond empty of any players has become one of the more welcome sights after all that has transpired during 2012.

A tribute to Johnny Pesky during ‘My City of Ruins.’

Light rain falls during an emotional coda to ‘Backstreets.’

The lights are on for the finale and not one person asked for the score of the Red Sox – Orioles game. A perfect night.


Some visual aids to help properly assess Bobby Valentine’s time in Boston

This gallery contains 6 photos.

The first two graphics provided below are examples of ball clubs that experienced rocky beginnings to the season, a relentless rash of injuries and poor performances from highly-paid star players. These two teams were managed by Terry Francona and ultimately … Continue reading

Jenny Dell has nothing better to do on a Sunday morning than mine through obscure statistics on

Piecing together the statistical totals and fact-checking them against all the arbitrary round-number qualifiers must have been pretty cumbersome work.
This woman must never sleep.