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Terse Predictions: 2013 World Series Game 5, Boston @ St. Louis

The 2013 World Series is tied two games apiece heading into Monday night’s Game 5. Some unnecessarily specific, under-explained predictions:

1. Jon Lester and Adam Wainwright will each pitch exactly six innings.

2. One starting pitcher is going to strike out twice as many batters as the other starter.

3. Both starters will walk multiple batters.

4. Lester will hit a single off Wainwright.

5. Both starters will hold the opposing offense scoreless during the first turn through the batting order.

6. Koji Uehara will record an out(s) in an inning other than the 9th.

7. Stephen Drew will hit a double in the game.

8. Cards closer Trevor Rosenthal will record a total of three outs.