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Terse Predictions: 2013 World Series Game 6, St. Louis @ Boston

Opportunities like the one in front of the Red Sox going into World Series Game 6 at Fenway Park tonight happen pretty rarely. Trying to predict how things will unfold is a fool’s errand. So here are some foolhardy forecasts.

1. Multiple members of the Boston infield will work 10+ pitch at-bats against Michael Wacha.

2. Jacoby Ellsbury will record at least one stolen base.

3. John Lackey will throw first-pitch strikes to five batters the first time through the order and six batters during the second turn through the order.

4. David Ortiz will swing at a total of just three pitches tonight.

5. Papi will put only one of those pitches in play.

6. The game will be decided by more than three runs.

7. Xander Bogaerts pitches seen: 22

8. Koji Uehara pitches thrown: 14

9. Carlos Martinez pitches thrown: 26

Trevor Rosenthal pitches thrown: 19