Local Man’s Game Recap (Brewers 6, Red Sox 2)

CARVER, Mass. – Well, I guess the ring ceremony was nice. Otherwise, though, I’m at a loss for words for this game story here. First opening day loss at Fenway in a decade. Jack Peavy pitched his brains out tonight. Spewed his heart out all over the mound. He tossed a solid six, but the bats just weren’t backing the kid up tonight the way you hope.

And the bullpen…well they shat it all to hell.

Some hothead down at the bar was insisting the “J” in Mujica is silent and it nearly set me off. He was clearly antagonizing me since I was (correctly) going with the hard, balls-out “J” while cursing him out for giving up a bunch of loud noises in the 9th inning. I just hope this isn’t a case of some guy from the National League coming over and being intimidated by the bright lights of a real town like Boston. He’s gonna have to adjust real quick.

Danny Nava shouldn’t be hitting leadoff. Just saying.. Oh for four. This is going to be the issue of the season. We just don’t have that guy who can set the tone for the offense on a everyday kind of situation.

We’ve got Clay on the mound tonight so I think we’re in good hands. Hopefully the fans keep booing that weasel Ryan Brawny and giving him the full-on Canseco treatment.


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