Is going to release day-of-game bleacher seats for Game 6 of the World Series?

World Series Game 6 ticket map

In light of the record-setting prices being paid for tickets to tonight’s game, we would hope that this is just some sick tease.

But let it be known that the ticket window on the site was still allowing searches for scattered $125.00 bleacher seats as of noon today. The team typically releases a handful of day-of-game tickets for home games at Fenway. But, really, this can’t make the people who camped out on Landsdowne St. for two straight nights feel very good.

Anyway, Red Sox fans not planning on seeing about a girl later tonight might as well spend the rest of the afternoon submitting requests for scattered seats like a lone traveler at sea in some sad ripoff of a Winslow Homer painting, awaiting both that directive gust of wind that never seems to come and the arrival of 8:07 p.m. EST.

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