‘Have Some Pizza’: Years later, the Fenway Pizza Throw is still fantastically hilarious

The 2007 Fenway Pizza Throw may not even need an introduction by now.

A foul ball landing safely within the left-field box seats resulted in spilled beer, renewed life for J.D. Drew at the plate, and, best of all, the opportunity for one fan to deliver some premeditated retaliation on another fan for heckling his ambitious appetite.

So much innate humor and rich wisdom is embodied in the above clip. It is the epitome of all the debauchery that goes down in Boston on Patriot’s Day: The transcendent, timeless humor of a pie in the face. The hilarious results of grown men consuming excessive amounts of alcohol at 11 o’clock in the morning. Don Orsillo’s tendency to lose his composure in the NESN booth giggling like a schoolgirl. The public comeuppance for a fan’s prolonged heckling other fans.

Happy Patriot’s Day. Happy Marathon Monday. Have some pizza, everyone. Have some pizza, indeed.

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