NEWZ: David Ortiz using the word ‘shit’ a few times is news, say people who report news

In this darling video above posted on Comcast SportsNet, David Ortiz can be heard ranting, throwing a tantrum, if you will; lashing out at the media…his, wait a second, what in God’s name is everybody talking about: A rant isn’t supposed to be some calm exchange of questions and answers, as can be witnessed here–a rant is something that’s just completely uninhibited by the constraints of normal human interaction, it’s a one-sided diatribe that’s often expletive-filled and devoid of any structure or basic courtesy such as a pause allowing for a retort or a shorter pause or even some or any kind of a verbal comma or semicolon and it just runs on and on and becomes difficult to listen to after a period of time because the speaker has selfishly hijacked the proverbial conversational highway, if you will, effectively making it a one-way street for his, and only his, viewpoint on whatever the specific matter at hand happens to be, thus what is evident in this particular instance is about the farthest motherfucking thing from a rant or a hissy fit or a popping off of the mouth because, shit guys, even Steve Burton is edging his questions in here while all the while one Big Papi attempts to indulge “reporters” by pretending they aren’t human vultures and by speaking his mind ever so momentarily on his way to the batting cage, where he can hone the one and only skill Boston fans truly care about because, shit (there’s that word again), why in the world would anyone care whether he’s polite or even slightly resembling an adjusted, normal human being when it comes to microphones being shoved in his grill when all the dude might want to do is just go about his business without completely losing his shit all the time, which would be perfectly understandable given the current state of the coverage of a competing, contending ballclub and the apparent misunderstanding the local media has in regard to the meaning of certain words like ‘rant’ – not to mention other words such as ‘relevance’, ‘perspective’ or ‘tact’?

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