Attention Sox fans: Globe’s Abraham owns an iPhone

The Boston Globe sports staff is in a weird place right now. On the one hand, there are crusty old-timers like Bob Ryan and Dan Shaughnessy who cling to their “old order” ways like cheap toilet paper on a hairy orifice. (Just the other day, Shaughnessy categorically referred to computer-generated defensive metrics such as UZR as a “bunch of crap” during a Globe 10.0 segment.)

And then there’s newcomer Peter Abraham, who managed to sound a little bit like a gushing 14-year-old in a thinly veiled effort to let everyone know he has an iPhone:

This is a test. I’m trying to blog off my iPhone using the BlogPress app.

This would enable me to provide updates from the clubhouse and other places the MacBook doesn’t quite fit.

Here’s hoping this posts . . .

UPDATE, 10:16 p.m.: Zowie, it works. Good deal, now we can get the lineups posted and other information out to you quicker.

Having paid his dues at a smaller regional paper in New York before coming to the Globe, Abraham isn’t some doughy-faced youngster fresh out of the oven. Put simply, he’s a less experienced Nick Cafardo who, if he plays his cards right over the next 10 years could become the next…Nick Cafardo. This makes his enthusiasm for budding technology and blogging “apps” all the more strange when compared to his colleagues’ relative caveman bliss.

Anyway, Abraham has both an iPhone and a MacBook. But he also likes to use Adam West-era Batman interjections like “Zowie.” (Chucky Pierce must have helped him with that one.) The guy is unstoppable.

Some people (okay, a lot) stopped reading the Globe years ago as better content has become increasingly accessible on the Internet. But don’t sleep on this team of reporters and columnists covering the Red Sox. They seem to have shallow analysis taken care of on both an old-school and a cutting-edge, multimedia level. It should be a fun season on Morrissey Blvd.

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