At least make an effort to hide your chubbies beneath those laptops, Boston sports media

Curt Schilling possibly vying for the late Edward Kennedy’s empty seat in the Senate? Yeah, this story could have legs. A veritable Big-Show blowhard bonanza delivered right to your newsroom desks and radio booths. Somebody called him on the phone!!…He’s been contacted!! He’s not denying it!…He’s being coy now, but just wait a couple days…

Tell us what you think, Bob Ryan. Your head must be spinning with the possibilities, Gerry Callahan. (You may be able to top 500 words with this column…) Don’t straddle the fence on this one, Dan Shaughnessy. Start drinking a couple extra hours before airtime, John Dennis. Guzzle some Listerine and fix your tie, Bob Lobel – someone might call you.

The stronger your opinion, the better. We need to know what you think and we need to know now because in a couple days, this potential goldmine could go away. Big Schill didn’t slam the door on running for Ted Kennedy’s seat and, therefore, he’s keeping that door ajar like a leadoff walk in the ninth inning. Surely, January’s election would rival The Dave Roberts Steal in sheer excitement were Schilling to enter the mix.

Are these pseudo-politico-baseball puns working for you guys? We know you can do better. Just do it fast. In a couple days, there is a strong possibility Schilling will grow tired of seeing his name in the headlines for such a ludicrous idea and abandon it in favor of something a bit less…involved. Wait too long, and your thoughts on the story will seem more awkward and out of place than when Gary Tanguay pretends he likes sports.

Perhaps you can play a role in scaring No. 38 away from doing something regrettable.

One response to “At least make an effort to hide your chubbies beneath those laptops, Boston sports media

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