Great Moments In Recurring Headlines About Brad Penny

  • Cape Cod Times, June 28, 2009: Penny hard-luck loser 
  • Boston Herald, June 27, 2009: Penny has earned his keep 
  • Lawrence Eagle Tribune, June 18, 2009: Be Penny wise
  • Boston Globe, June 18, 2009: Penny in their thoughts
  • Boston Herald, June 17, 2009: Worth every Penny
  •, June 17, 2009: Penny’s worth
  • Providence Journal, June 17, 2009: Penny shines again for Sox
  •, June 15, 2009: Penny in demand
  •, June 14, 2009: One-cent decision time: Save a Penny, or spend it?
  • Boston Herald, June 13, 2009: Brad Penny adds two cents on Joe Girardi flap 
  •, June 12, 2009: A Penny saved: Red sox might want to hold on to righty 
  • South Coast Today, June 5, 2009: Penny pinched in fifth, Sox fall to Rangers
  • Boston Herald, June 4, 2009: Penny for his thoughts; Tops trade talks again 
  • Boston Globe, May 26, 2009: No hurry to flip him, but Penny has value
  • Boston Herald, May 14, 2009: Penny could buy help
  • Boston Herald, May 4, 2009: Penny shines; Strikes out eight in 6 encouraging innings
  • Boston Herald, May 3, 2009: Penny needs a new angle
  • Boston Globe, April 29, 2009: It certainly wasn’t shiny Penny outing

Analysis: The Globe and Herald are clearly in the midst of a ferocious tug-of-war battle at the midpoint of the 2009 season for the Pulitzer Prize for Petty Penny Puns. Meanwhile, just like the olden days, regional dailies and online sites are lagging far behind. Would a ‘Give a Penny, Take a Nick[el] Johnson’ headline be too much to ask for at some point over the next four weeks?

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